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You should be able to build OpenClonk with any C++ compiler that supports
ISO C++14. That said, on Windows, we recommend using Microsoft Visual C++
2015 or higher; the Express edition will be sufficient. On Linux, you will
be fine with GNU g++ 4.9 or later. Apple users should use a clang-based
XCode version.

To generate project files for your chosen build system, you will also have to
install CMake from

Additionally, OpenClonk depends on a number of third-party libraries:
- zlib (
- libpng (
- libjpeg-turbo (
- FreeType (
- The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library (
- FreeALUT (
- libogg and libvorbis (
- Qt >= 5.7 (

OS X Specific
OpenClonk supports OS X versions 10.8 "Mountain Lion" and later.
If you are using brew ( or MacPorts
(, the packages you'll have to install are:
libjpeg, libpng, freetype, glew, libogg, libvorbis

Linux Specific
For building OpenClonk on Linux, you need the following libraries in addition
to the ones listed above:
- SDL 2.0 (
- libGL (
- OpenAL Soft >= 1.13 (
- miniupnpc (
- libxrandr
Most distributions should provide these dependencies via their packaging
system. At least gcc-4.9 is required.

Windows Specific
In addition to the libraries above, you will need one more if you want to
target Windows:
- OpenAL Soft (
To create an installer, you will also need the Nullsoft Install System
( To create the installer, build the "setup" target.